Brand Strategy

Smart logo development brings your brand to life!

The best brands stick in our brain because
their presence is defined by the repetition of the same logo, fonts, colors, and images. Once we see them enough, they become instantly recognizable, bringing us a clear sense of reliability and security.

Developing a consistent brand starts with
creating a brand strategy it govern the
composition, design, and general look-and-feel of your company’s branding.


Brand Guidelines

Maintain a cohesive identity with a brand system. 

Establish your logos, fonts, colours for consistency and unity. Ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd with premium visual design solutions. 

With your Brand Guidelines I will establish fonts, colours and icon sets for consistency and unity.

The Brand guidelines dictate the content of a logo, blog, website, advertisement, and similar marketing collateral.

Your branding rule book help graphic designers, marketers, web developers, community managers, and even product packaging departments all stay on the same page, and present a unified vision of the brand to the public.

It will contain:


  • Proportional aspects of your logo;

  • Primary & secondary typography;

  • Color palet;

  • Icon design sets;

Print & Products

It’s not just about the visual elements of a brand!

Prints & products have to follow the rules of brand consistency and this is the key to build awareness that allows the customer to easily and immediately recognize your brand.

My work practices keeps the design aligned with the core brand values in the same tone, presenting the brand logo in a similar way, and repeating the same colors throughout your visual brand elements.


  • Business cards 

  • Flyers

  • Stationary

  • Brochures

  • Advertisement

  • Packaging

  • Signs

  • Posters

  • Vehicle signage

  • Editorial


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